A glacier hike seemed so far-fetched that it didn't cross my mind until Ragnar brought it up when we'd already come to Iceland. After choosing a glacier hike over an ice cave tour, we booked the earliest available tour with Tröll. Getting ready before 8, we drove eastward for a ... Read more

Golden Circle

After Snæfellsnes, I wondered if our Iceland trip had already peaked there. No, it hadn't, and Iceland had so much more to offer. On our long journey back to Reykjavík, we had time to take a detour inland to visit a couple more sights.

We first stopped at a small ... Read more

Snæfellsnes Peninsula

We started our road trip from Ólafsvík in the northwest of Snæfellsnes Peninsula. From there, we would drive anticlockwise around the peninsula. The weather was clear and crisp, rather different from the storms we had to endure on the way here the day before. It was Jan's turn to drive.... Read more

From Reykjavík to Ólafsvík

Ever since graduating from Mansfield College, Oxford in 2017, Jan, Ragnar, and I have been planning a trip to an exotic location. Inspired by the trip Ragnar and I took in Scotland, we decided to travel to another country with hills and cliffs by the ocean—Iceland. The trip was originally ... Read more

Point Reyes

A day trip in spring to Point Reyes with Nathaniel, where elephant seals rest and mate on the cliffside beach and cows graze on rolling green hills.... Read more